Management Team


Kakamu Masato


Kakamu is a founder and CEO of Globalway. Prior to joining Globalway, Kakamu was a global top sales at Software AG (formerly known as webMethods). Before Software AG, Kakamu was a derivative trader at Deutsche Bank, and a system engineer at UBS.

Graduated with a Management of Information Systems, BS from the University of Washington.


Watanabe Nobu


Prior to joining Globalway, Watanabe was a technical architect at Software AG (formerly known as webMethods), where he led global project and technology implementations for Japan's national companies. Before Software AG, Watanabe was the software engineer at NTT Software Corporation, where he was involved in advanced technology with R&D team.

Graduated with Aoyama Gakuin University, MBA and Tokyo University of Science, MOT.


Yoshino Hironori


Prior to joining Globalway, Yoshino Engaged in financial accounting at Sockets Inc. and CA Mobile, Ltd. Joined Globalway as a manager of the finance group in April 2016. Promoted to CFO in June, 2018 (Present)