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Business Plan
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We have a Business Plan Template Download link below, if you need one.

A Business Plan (Sample):

01. About Business Alliance and/or Capital tie-up
 How would you like to make an alliance and/or capital tie-up with Global Ventures?
 For example, if you are interested in a capital tie-up, please provide Number of Shares, Share Price, Total Amount, Date, etc. What are you expected from us? What synergy effect are you expected to see in both companies?
02. Company Overview
  Company Name, Address and Phone number, Capital, Date of Establishment, Main Business Activities, Shareholders, Number of Employees, etc.
03. Exectives
 Profile of Founder, CEO, Directors and the Managing Officers
04. About your Company History, Management Policy and Business Philosophy
05. About your Products and Services
06. Overview of your Business Model
 A Scheme of Profit-making, Organization Tree, Billing Scheme and its Accounting Flow
07. Strength of your Products and Services
 Uniqueness of products and Services
08. Market and Competitor Analysis
 Relevant market size, Market forecasts, Competitive Positioning and Comparison in the market
09. Financial Plan
 Income Statement of previous fiscal year, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement. If you have any stock purchase, please provide Date, Amount, Number of Shares, Shareholders.
  If you have any loan from a Bank, please provide Date, Amount, Interest Rate, Period.
10. About Growth Strategies
 Please descrive your business growth strategy over the next five years.
 Specifically, which business, which services are expected to grow, and how much increase in sales and profit are expected to see.
11. A Three-year Business Plan
  Income statement for the next three terms including the current fiscal year. If funding is required, please provide details such as Date and Amount of Funding requested.
 If there is a plan of the IPO and/or the sale of business, please provide details such as Date, Procurement Amount planned, Sale Amount.

*Please be omitted if data not available due the business circumstances.
*Please use the Microsoft Office Powerpoint for your documents.
*Please write in English or Japanese.

If you need, please use a Business Plan Template below.