CEO Message

Kakamu Masato
Globalway, Inc.

Passion to Grow Together with Entrepreneurs in Asia

When I was studying in the United States, I had great opportunities to meet many international students from various Asian countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam. They were ambitious, motivated, diligent, and highly dedicated students and tried to learn everything thoroughly.

I had a dream of starting up my own business by age of 30 and contribute to the world at that time. As I was fascinated with them, I began to have strong desire to work with those outstanding, talented and enthusiastic people in the future. I have invested all my savings that were generated from exporting old clothes to Japan while I was studying abroad and savings I had made while I was working in financial industry to found Globalway Co., Ltd. in 2004.

I have put much thoughts on my company name, Globalway, that is my aspiration to establish an exhilarating business with Asian people such as I had have met in the United States and believing that All the “way” lead to Asia. Therefore, approximately 20% of our employees are foreigners, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Vietnamese, Filipino, French and Americans.

As we have been listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers since April 2016, we now have more flexibility and various possibilities in funding our business thus we would continue to develop our current domestic business whilst we will aggressively begin to expand our business into Asian market as we have been planning.