Drive Innovation with Entrepreneurs in Asia

Globalway Ventures is a project that supports entrepreneurs who play an active role in Asia through Globalway, Inc.

Globalway, Inc. specializes in internet and cloud computing businesses, and we are aggressively looking for opportunities to make principal investments or engage in strategic business alliances with entrepreneurs who have great potential to grow their businesses in the same field. Through these alliances, we will continue to promote the businesses and strengthen our presence in the Asian market.

We will collaborate with companies in Japan, Southeast Asia and South Asia with a primary focus on Myanmar. In less than 10 years from 2016, Globalway, Inc. is planning to invest approximately $100 Million US in these Asian markets.

We are not the same as venture capital companies who invest purely for the purpose of their funds. Globalway, Inc. will make a medium-to-long-term commitment to our business partners as we make investments of our capital. When beneficial synergies exist in our businesses and potential growth opportunities may be realized for both companies, we not only invest but also work closely with our partners to build up their businesses.

Globalway, Inc. will strive to develop businesses with great respect to the management policies of our alliance partners, and we will always be flexible and open minded to enhance our businesses together.


wizpra Co. Ltd.

・Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform called "wizpra NPS".


・Cyber Security Business
・Crowdsourcing Business

About Us

Corporate Name
Globalway, Inc.
1-7-3, Hamamatsuchou, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
October, 2004
Social Web Media: Operating employee generated internet media for workplace called Career Connection. "Career Connection"
Business Web Application: Development and integration of cloud based enterprise business software. "Voxer"

Management Team

Masato Kakamu


Nobu Watanabe


Hironori Yoshino


For the companies that are interested in business alliances and/or capital tie-up

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